Welcome to my Words!

I am a Visionary, Writer, Reiki Master, Emotional/Mental Wellness Practitioner,
Believer in Magic & Miracles

Happy writer and author, nature enthusiast, peace promoter and energy worker with interest in offering holistic solutions to balance the mind/body/spirit connection, with focus on harnessing the power of words, love, joy, human interaction/connection and nature to restore optimum health.  My passion lies in assisting others to recognize their strengths, attributes and dreams and to offer the hope and encouragement necessary to achieve them.  The map to our unique individual road to authenticity lies within each of us, and it is my pleasure to coax others to that clarity.  My mission is to eradicate the Western cultural consensus concept of mental illness.

After refiring from a dedicated 35-year career in university student services, I am living my essence through Capture Life Writing, a sanctuary headquartered in Western New York.  Here the universal language of Kindness is spoken; diagnoses, labels and limitations are dropped; Myfi (unplugging and reflection) is practiced; joy and harmony are promoted and shared; Listeners are available and Followers (of heart, intuition, dreams and spirit) are born.

We all must work together to help each other.

Quote that I live by:  “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” – Hafez of Shiraz







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